Mermaid Calculation Solitaire

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Mermaid Calculation Solitaire

Calculation is a pretty interesting games, and is quite different from most solitaire card games. The foundations are built up without regard to suit, but you have to place a card that is the next in the order dictated by the location of the foundation. The order skips cards based on the card that is placed to the right of the foundation. If the foundation has an Ace next to it, you don't skip any cards and can build that foundation up from 2 - King.

If the card to the right of the foundation is a 2, you have to skip every other card when you build up the foundation and the cards must be placed on the foundation in the following order 4->6->8->10->Queen->Ace->3->5->7->9->Jack->King.

The third foundation has a 3 placed to the right of it, so it must be built up in the following order 6->9->Queen->2->5->8->Jack->Ace->4->7->10->King.

The fourth foundation has a 4 placed to the right of it and must be built up in the following order 8->Queen->3->7->Jack->2->6->10->Ace->5->9->King

If this is all way to confusing, I have a little note placed to the left of the foundation that tells you the next card that needs to be placed in that foundation. There are also 5 columns you can place cards into, and you can place those cards in the columns in any order you like. The difficulty is that you can only move a card out of the columns if it was the last card placed into that column. You take a single card from the deck at a time, but you have to place those cards into one of the columns, and you can't move cards between the columns. A card can only be move from a column directly into a foundation.